1 way to treat Parkinson's naturally in India, medications free ?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

We know that those who suffer from Parkinson's believe that they have to live this way. At Sevyam, after treating numerous Parkinson's patients, we're able to say that Yes, Parkinson's is treatable for many patients. With Sevyam Disease management program, we're treating Parkinson's with a combination of treatments and exercises and the results are great and promising.

For Parkinson's patients, improving health and well-being is a challenge. The difficulties and challenges a Parkinson's patient face is day to day activities are the biggest hurdle towards cure and ease on symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Parkinson's disease?

In case of Parkinson's Disease, the symptoms of may vary from person to person. One should have to take even mild symptoms seriously, ignoring them may lead to severe symptoms in the future and may worsen over time. Here are some common symptoms :

  • Shaking in limbs/Tremors.

  • Muscle stiffness at any part of body.

  • Weakened body posture and balance

  • Difficulty in doing unconscious movements like blinking, smiling, or swinging of arms while walking

  • Observable speaking problems

For Parkinson's Lifestyle & DIP Diet plan helps a lot

What we can suggest is that, putting forward some lifestyle changes in your life can make a significant difference. Lifestyle changes like, exercising daily, taking a healthy Diet , drinking enough water (As prescribed by Doctor/Lifestyle Expert) and taking good sleep are some really good support elements towards your journey for Parkinson's reversal.

A positive mindset & Yoga can do wonders for you

We want everyone to know that, even the biggest and most expensive treatment can't help you if your mindset is of a broken and suffering patient. Please keep your hopes high and your will to win this disease positive, believe us, it can help you a lot. Try to walk normally and try to do things normally. Don't rush, don't panic....keep calm and just try to live a normal life with your normal pace.

With Parkinson’s disease, practicing yoga can help in muscle and body relaxation. Yoga can aid in developing a healthy and good mindset and can help you to get good sleep.

Different Yoga poses targets specific muscle groups in our body, and this can help a lot in curing fast and this can help you to control tremors (body shaking) and may help in walking and moving more controllably. You'll face challenges in doing Yoga in your initial days but your persistence and will eventually make you more capable everyday.

Here are some exercises for Parkinson's Patients

This is how can Sevyam Disease Management Program change a Parkinson Patient's life :

Sevyam Disease Management program is now proven to be effective for Parkinson's patients. With a strong experience and best treatment team behind, we can say that this is the best naturopathy based Parkinson's Disease treatment. Sevyam treatment is multilevel and step-by-step complete treatment which combines the merits of (Lifestyle Management + Naturopathy + Diet Management + Postural Medicine) all these elements combine to provide great relief to our Parkinson's Disease Patients. Let's know the story of our cured Parkinson's Patient: Mr. Ranjeet Khandelwal.

Mr. Ranjeet Khandelwal's Story (Parkinson's Patient) now cured with Sevyam DM Program

This is a brave story of Mr. Ranjeet Khandelwal who suffered from Parkinson's Disease, lost the charm of his life and lost all hope to get back his normal life. but Mrs. Krishna Khandelwal, his wife and a great supportive partner still held hopes for his husband for getting his normal life back. Mrs. Khandelwal connected with Sevyam Treatments and consulted with us to cure his husband's Parkinson's. We at Sevyam, prepared a ECP and lifestyle management treatment for Mr. Khandelwal with a plan to cure his disease within 6 Months. We're glad to share that it's just been 4 months and Mr. Ranjeet is very much cured and happy now. Let's know his Story with this video :

Parkinson's successful treatment story : Mr. Ramesh ji

We're feeling really proud to share that Mr. Ramesh has shown a very good recovery from parkinson's disease. When Mr. Ramesh ji visited us for the first time, he was facing serious difficulties in even walking a 4 step distance, putting a leg forward , holding something and talking were very difficult tasks for him.

Mr. Ramesh is really a strong and dedicated person, we heartily appreciate his strong efforts in reaching to our center alone even his very serious weak abilities. Mr. Ramesh has proven that with a strong and positive spirit and with faith in the process diseases Parkinson's can be cured naturally.

With Sevyam Disease Management Program (DMP) we're very happy to share that with our India's 1st and unique combined Parkinson's treatment program, Mr. Ramesh has shown a really great and true visible recovery. Not only Parkinson's , with our DMP program, Mr. Ramesh was even able to withdraw his Diabetes and BP medicines. How great is this Right ?