GRAD Kidney Treatment v/s Dialysis & Transplant

Considering the truth, it will be not wrong if we say that most of the people possess a high level of dependency on allopath and allopathy based medicines or similar medical remedies. It can be exciting to see that medical sciences has progressed so much in past centuries. But...the pain behind mentioning it lies in a fact that this dependency is not something that we actually we really need to fill our organs with chemicals and drugs on a daily basis ? do we really need to live eating 15 tablets and pills everyday ? do we really need to get ourselves and our loved ones cut open when the disease can be managed with just some precautions and lifestyle changes ?

The purpose of medical sciences must remain remedy not dependency.

Let's not go everywhere, for this time let's co

ntinue by framing our minds that medical science need contradictions and proofs that must eventually focus on society's betterment not for monopoly or just business. The purpose of this article is to make humanity aware that if there kidney patients in your society or at home...they must not depend on a machine which pours carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals inside their bodies in the name of blood purification. Those who suffer only they know that how painful it is to be a CKD (chronic kidney disease) patient, the amount of pain, hopelessness and weakness they suffer from everyday is a not just a challenge to live but the whole family suffers on mental and economical grounds.

Let's start by embracing the merits and contributions by ancient alternative medicines : Ayurveda & Naturopathy in changing the way we perceive kidney treatment. Today when CKD patients who are suffering from dialysis and countless discomforts.

The Nature which made you can heal you as well...believe it !!

Gravity is a medicine for Kidney Patients...really ?

It is also a fact that Gravity is defined as the world's greatest force that is holding us on this earth's surface and this gravity if used in a certain way and a purpose, it actually can even cure a CKD patient's kidneys. To build a certain understanding in your mind with actual numbers & cases, we're going to take reference from world's renowned naturopathy doctor Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhury's book "360 postural medicine".

  • GRAD System is a Two Step Process with which a number of critical health ailments can be cured and reversed.

1. The first step includes emergency treatment using Gravitational Resistance. This uses postural medicine to treat the chronic ailment of the patient.

2. The second step is to heal the patient through a diet alongside the treatment. The special DIP diet helps regenerate the dead cells and recover the patient faster.

Understanding GRAD kidney Therapy

Your body can be a ventilator for you...

To understand the process let us take the example of breathlessness that has been noticed frequently during the Covid-19 pandemic by so-called Corona patients. First, the patient with breathlessness is put on Prone Positioning using the Gravitational Resistance system. This helps lift the pressure of his heart off the lungs, thus, increasing the capacity of the lungs to take in oxygen. This helps the patient come out of the emergency health crisis and stabilize in no time without the use of a ventilator.

DIP Diet is a magic : very simple to follow as well

Next, the patient is put on a special DIP diet which will help his body sustain the stabilized condition and cure itself without the use of any medication. Kidney failure results when most of the cells, known as nephrons, of the kidney are dead. These cells need repair and renewal through treatment. The kidney treatment involves gaining access to the residual live cells that remain in the kidney using the Gravitational Resistance and Diet (GRAD) System. This helps the body regenerate new nephrons in the kidney.