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What is CT coronary angiography test?
Overview. A computerized tomography (CT) coronary angiogram is an imaging test that looks at the arteries that supply blood to the heart. A CT coronary angiogram uses a powerful X-ray machine to produce images of the heart and its blood vessels. The test is used to diagnose a variety of heart conditions.
CT coronary angiography

CT coronary angiography

A computerized tomography (CT) angiogram is imaging tests that look at the arteries that supply blood to your heart. The test provides information on whether any blockages are present, location of block, percentage of stenosis, and nature of the plaque. A CT coronary angiogram relies on a powerful x-ray machine to produce clear images of you hearts and its blood vessels. These test are non-invasive (without any surgical process) and don’t required recovery time. Why it’s done: Now day CT coronary Angiogram increasingly option to show your heart Major blood vessels blockages without Catheter (guide wire) insertion procedure. A coronary angiogram can check your heart various condition like Calcium Deposit / Fat Deposit and Narrowing of Artery and Stent Placement. Coronary CT Angiography is also extremely useful in evaluating patency of stents and the condition of the bypass graft post-CABG. CT CORONARY ANGIOGRAPHY MUST REQUIRE CERTAIN PARAMETER WHICH IS, 1. Heart Rate maintains between 60 to 65 beat per minute. 2. Kidney function should be normal (S.Creatinine level within normal range) 3. Atleast 3 hours Fasting(Not to eat and drink by mouth before 3 hours prior to procedure) 4. Person has to be stress free during procedure. CT CORONARY ANGIOGRAPHY ALSO USEFUL IN, VS Score for Calcium Scoring Coronary Angiography Cardiac Functional Analysis Sure plaque Evaluation TAVR planning Endovascular Stent Planning