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Sevyam Total Heart Care

Ayurveda For Heart Diseases

Ayurveda is getting popular day by day to treat many acute as well as chronic diseases. Ayurveda can even treat many cardio-vascular diseases, beating every mild to critical sign naturally. The aim is to improve the heart health with surgery-free services and treatments. Preventing a heart disease isn’t enough but curing it from the roots and then preventing it is what's needed and ayurveda does just that. Problems such as heart attack, cholesterol, hypertension, and other heart diseases are what could be cured and solved through Sevyam’s Total heart care service. The power of natural healing with lifestyle adjustments and Ayurvedic treatments to effectively combat cardiac issues is unmatched.
Diseases Treated In Total Heart Care
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Heart Blockage
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Cardio mayopathy
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Cardio Megly
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Valve Leackage
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Heart Hole
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Arrythmiya (Irregular Heartbeat)
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Heart Failure
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Congenital Heart Conditions
Treatments We Provide In Total Heart Care
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Chelation Therapy
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Lifestyle Modification
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Earthing Threapy
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Living Water Threapy
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Zero Oil Cooking
Sevyam Total Heart Care
CT Coronay Angiograpy(Wire free angiography)
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Other investigations ( ECG/TMT/ECHO/Stress Thallium/ Halter/ ICD Implants)
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Blood Investigations ( Lipid profile etc.)
Benefits Of Total Heart Care
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Non Invasive
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Result Oriented
Sevyam Total Heart Care
FDA Approved
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Benefits To Other Diseases Also
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Increment In Pumping (LVEF%)
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Removes Heart Blockage
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Reversal Of Heart Disease
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Avoid Angioplasty And Bypass
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Non invasive blockage detection
Revolutionizing Heart Care at Sevyam through Ayurveda
Sevyam Total Heart Care
Diagnosis diaries
Real diagnosis stories form people who get it
हार्ट की पम्पिंग काफी कम थी…हम कोई चांस नहीं लेना चाहते थे !! – SUCCESS STORY – Mrs. Neena Agrawal
39 की उम्र में 99% व 90% तक के ह्रदय ब्लॉक को किया – नार्मल 65% – अमित कुमार
Heart EF – 35% से 57% – बिना सर्जरी के!! — शुगर नार्मल – डायबिटीज की दवाइयाँ हुई बंद !!
Best Heart Treatment without surgery – रामानंद कुमावत जी, भीलवाड़ा – ह्रदय का सफल इलाज बिना सर्जरी !!
हार्ट EF हुआ दोगुना | Heart EF Doubled with Sevyam Heart Treatment
Revolutionizing Heart Care at Sevyam through Ayurveda

At Sevyam, we harness the potential of Ayurveda to provide holistic and natural heart care. Our approach focuses on addressing the root causes of heart diseases, employing tailored lifestyle modifications, yoga, dietary enhancements, meditation, panchkarma therapies, and ensuring proper sleep patterns. Our mission is to empower individuals to naturally overcome various heart ailments, both acute and chronic, through safe, effective, and sustainable methods that uplift overall well-being.

Sevyam creates an environment that fosters positivity and strength, fostering a sense of encouragement for patients battling health challenges. Our dedicated team of skilled Ayurvedic doctors delves into detailed health histories to offer personalized care that caters to individual needs.

Sevyam is dedicated to providing comprehensive Ayurvedic care that not only treats but reverses chronic heart conditions from their core. Embrace the finest care for your heart health. Our commitment lies in delivering natural remedies for various health concerns within an eco-friendly setting that feels like home. The integration of yoga and meditation aids in relaxation, expediting the recovery journey. With expertly curated panchkarma therapies that holistically rejuvenate the mind and body, we have tailored Ayurvedic services for heart disease to prioritize your inner well-being. Our adept Ayurvedic team oversees your diet, therapies, and concerns stemming from heart conditions, ensuring comprehensive care.

A step towards better Heart Health

Choose Sevyam for a journey towards enhanced heart health using custom Ayurvedic services. Our qualified team will guide your transformation from within, nurturing your overall health. Lessen your worries and embrace a healthier lifestyle, brimming with vitality and positivity with us and our superior treatments and services.

What are the signs of healthy heart?
Heart Rate. For most adults, the normal resting heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.
Energy Levels.
Blood Pressure.
Oral Health.
Don’t Skip Regular Screenings.
How do I take care of my heart?
Eat healthy.
Get active.
Stay at a healthy weight.
Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke.
Control your cholesterol and blood pressure.
Drink alcohol only in moderation.
Manage stress.
What are 4 types of heart disease?
There are four main types of CVD:

1 – coronary heart disease.
2 – stroke.
3 – peripheral arterial disease.
4 – aortic disease.

What causes a weak heart?
The heart muscle can be damaged by certain infections, heavy alcohol use, illegal drug use and some chemotherapy medicines. Your genes also can play a role. Any of the following conditions also can damage or weaken the heart and cause heart failure. Coronary artery disease and heart attack.
Is hole in heart serious?
A small atrial septal defect might never cause any concern. Small atrial septal defects often close during infancy. Larger atrial septal defects can cause serious complications, including: Right-sided heart failure.
Which treatment is best for heart?
1 – Treatment – Interventions. Stents. Heart Bypass Surgery. Valve Disease Treatment. Pacemakers. Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD) Lead Extraction.
2 – Medications. ACE Inhibitors. Angiotension II Receptor Blockers (ARBs) Antiarrhythmics. Antiplatelet Drugs. Aspirin Therapy.
3 – Care. Recovery After Heart Surgery.
Can we clear heart blockage naturally?
There is no fast, easy way to unclog an artery once plaque has built up. However, following a heart-healthy diet, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking (if you smoke) can stop blockages from getting worse. In certain cases, medications or surgery may be needed.
What is a natural bypass?
People who have well developed collaterals tend to have survival advantage. What are these collaterals? Can we develop them. Coronary collaterals or natural bypasses, are channels that connect from one coronary territory to another without having to go through the capillaries.
Is angioplasty not necessary?
If you have an existing health condition like diabetes, a weak heart muscle, or severe artery blockages, you might not be a candidate for angioplasty.
How can I avoid bypass surgery?
The most important is that the need for bypass surgery arises as the result of a preventable condition, namely, coronary artery disease. If you take care of yourself, eat well, exercise, and take heart-healthy supplements, the chances are good that you may be able to avoid a bypass.