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Nov 02, 2023

Dr Khader Vali

We've been questioned about Dr Khader Vali quite a bit. Due to his methods for using Kadu Krushi/Jungle Farming as an alternative to Organic Farming, he has now attained a sort of demi-god reputation.The amount of patients who have been cured after implementing his medical advice utilising Good grains/Rich grains, or most commonly Siridhanya, has given him an established reputation among the Indian subcontinent population not just within the nation but also around the world. Our straightforward objective is to give readers a brief overview of Dr's achievements and credentials.After being extremely upset by the causes of modern ailments and vowing to find long-term answers for them, Dr Khader Vali has revealed the timeless truth underlying maintaining good health by doing extensive research for many years.A lot of individuals were not affected by diabetes in the past because of the intake of coarse (fibrous) cereals as Foxtail millet, Browntop millet, Little millet, Barnyard millet, Kodo millet, etc. before rice and wheat were used. The consumption of fiberless paddy rice and wheat, however, has contributed to a rise in lifestyle disorders like diabetes, cancer, and numerous heart-related issues in modern times.

Mission of Dr Khader Vali

The'siridhanya' or Positive grains or Rich grains (Kodo millet, Little millet, Barnyard millet, Browntop millet, and Foxtail millet) have been promoted by Dr Khader Vali as the best way to achieve total health. He has dedicated his life to the improvement of people's health. His persistent attempts to educate the public about the value of siridhanya and its positive traits ought to be highly commended.Food-producing lives, the source of food, seed, fertiliser, medical services, etc. have all devolved into commodities. We are completely in the dark since we can never tell which foods cause which illnesses. Disease fear is a crippling problem for humanity.Dr Khadar Vali has out in front of the public during this crisis with the ambitious objective of assisting them on their journey to total health. Dr Khader is reintroducing siridhanya as lovely and wonderful food, using his unmatched intellect, unmatched understanding, and powerful speech to reach up the minds of people worldwide.He has been adamantly arguing, supported by science, that our country's imitation of the West in terms of cuisine and entertainment has resulted in the introduction of unneeded diseases that are sapping our race's vitality.Dr Khadar has advocated health-promoting meals in the name of siridhanya for all of humanity because he is well-versed in the mysteries and dangers of current industrial food. He also said that these miraculous food crops are best suited to the period of climate change. The realisation that the magnificent siridhanya, which are brimming with medicinal capabilities, can heal the deadliest diseases like cancer is a huge revelation.

Final thoughts

Dr Khadar Vali has made a noteworthy contribution to the domains of nutrition and health by showing how much the amount of dietary fibre compared to carbohydrates in various foods affects a person's health.Additionally, his tireless work as a self-employed food scientist and health expert is unmatched since not only did he uncover the therapeutic benefits of the long-forgotten cereal known as millets, but he also effectively suggested them to patients suffering from a variety of maladies.Dr Khadar Vali's in-depth understanding of human-caused environmental pollution also helped him to recognise the connections between contemporary chemical farming practises, indiscriminate use of natural resources for agriculture, the production of toxic food, deteriorated human and animal health, ecological imbalance, and other factors.